Aftermath - 12" EP 1999 (320)

"Sometime in the middle of 1998, Ryan 'Embolism' Leeman and Fritz 'Guyver' Cardozo began writing tracks together under the name 'Aftermath'. They used to meet up on regular occasion, bringing samples they had collected and then chip away at tracks together. Samples included Australian prison TV documentaries and many B-Grade VHS tapes which were routinely rented from the local VideoEzy. These sessions sporadically took place over the period of a few months into 1999, during which they produced enough material for two stylistically separate 12" releases on Bloody Fist. The first of these [This download. --S] concentrated on very dark hardcore, occasionally venturing into speedcore territory. The sleeve was slapped together in typical nonchalant fashion by Fritz with a treated photo of Newcastle's Sandgate Cemetery on the front. 4 years after this release, Rockstar Games would come knocking with an interest in using 30 seconds of the track 'Foetus Of Hell' for their worldwide TV ad campaign for the release of the extremely violent Playstation 2/Xbox game 'Manhunt' (which was eventually banned in several countries, including Australia). Someone at Rockstar had apparently downloaded the track from WinMX, liked it, googled it, and got in touch to arrange licensing. All tracks programmed by Fritz Cardozo and Ryan Leeman on a PC running FT2. Recorded raw in mid 1999 straight from FT2 to DAT with no additional EQ or mastering. Released December of 1999." --Edited From Bloody Fist