Sturmovik - "Feldweihe" LP 2000 (319 VBR Vinyl Rip)

"Tesco is going to produce LP by a band which name is Sturmovik. This name sounds quite Russian. Who are these guys really? What music they made?

Sturmovik's LP is called 'Feldweihe' and will be out in a few weeks. The band is based in Germany and at the present time I really don't know the meaning of the name, you are right it somehow sounds Russian. The music is a reflection of experiences in submarines during World War II and is loaded with dark drones, samples, noises and classical arrangements. Like a soundtrack to a war-movie."

Chōjin Densetsu Urotsukidōji: Uncut/Uncensored - Original Manga '85-'86, OVAs Parts 1 & 2 '87-'91, Soundtrack Parts 1 & 2 2xCD Reissue 2005 (Hi-Res Jpeg, ENG Subbed MP4, 160 Joint Stereo MP3)

Manga & OST...

"There is a legend that every 3,000 years a dead god of the demon realm, simply called the 'Overfiend', will be resurrected in the body of a young man. Amano, a beast-man, travels to the human world to find the Overfiend before his demon rivals do. Unfortunately he keeps getting side-tracked by Tatsuo Nagumo, his bumbling, lecherous friend and classmate, who keeps getting in serious trouble with the demons. If Amano can’t find the host of the Overfiend, how is he going to be able to protect Nagumo from the clutches of the oncoming demon horde?"

"First serialized in 'Manga Erotopia' from 1985 to 1986, Urotsukidōji quickly gained notoriety for its graphic sexuality, black humor, and focus on the supernatural. The manga was adapted into a series of OVAs (Original Video Animation) by Penthouse Japan, financing a staff composed of animators from 'Space Battleship Yamato', and character designs and additional animation from the 'Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam' team. The adaptations are somewhat faithful to the source material, but also greatly increase the manga's level of violence, sadomasochism, rape, and epic scope. Urotsukidōji has been credited with popularizing the trope of 'tentacle porn', and is considered a foundational work in the hentai genre."

"Toshio Maeda (Born: September 17th 1953) is an erotic manga artist who was prolific in the 1980s and 1990s. Several of Maeda's works were adapted for the original video animation market, including 'La Blue Girl', 'Adventure Kid', 'Demon Beast Invasion', and his most famous work, 'Urotsukidōji'. He began reading manga when he was 5 or 6 years old, and read translations of American comics just as enthusiastically. He is a fan of literature as a whole, purportedly reading more than 10,000 works before he was 20 years old. At 16 he went to Tokyo to break into manga. He became interested in manga for adults as he was tired of all the restrictions placed on manga for children. Portrayal of genitals was still illegal in Japan at the time [It's still iffy and weird now. --S], so artists would use many tricks, loopholes, and technicalities to get by the censors. Maeda's excuse was that a tentacle was not a penis. He has embraced his role in popularizing the tentacle genre, and has stated that he would like 'Tentacle Master' inscribed on his tombstone."


Tesseract Of Thrash: The Third LPs Of Exodus, Nuclear Assault, Sodom, And Tankard '87-'89 (320)

A salute to the phenomena of 80s thrash metal bands' 3rd* LPs being their best** LPs. Highlighting the "lesser" titans here, so you'll just have to twatify Master Of Puppets, Among The Living, So Far/So Good/So What, and Reign In Blood...

*With Nuclear Assault it's their 3rd overall label release.
**Or most iconic/nostalgic.

Guinea Pig / Hideshi Hino: Complete Series & Making Of '85-'89 + "Panorama Of Hell" & "The Art Of..." Books 1982/2006 (MP4 + ENG Subs, Hi-Res Jpeg)

"Guinea Pig is a Japanese horror video series that consists of six films and one making-of documentary. The series is notorious for its extreme hyper-realistic gore, as well as extended scenes of torture, mutilation, and murder. The 2nd video in the series, 'Flower Of Flesh And Blood', influenced Tsutomu Miyazaki, a necropedophile and cannibal who kidnapped, killed, dismembered, then raped and consumed four girls aged 4 to 7. 'Flower Of Flesh And Blood' also achieved notoriety in the United States, first via bootlegs from horror journalist Charles Balun, and then from actor Charlie Sheen, who saw the video at a party and believed it was an actual snuff film, prompting him to report it directly to the F.B.I."

"Hideshi Hino (Born April 19th 1946) is a Japanese manga artist who specializes in gruesome horror stories. He originally began in doujinshi [Homebrew comics. --S], with his first professional work published in 1967 (in Osamu Tezuka's experimental 'Komu' magazine). From 1968 onward he published in the underground 'Garo' magazine. By 1971 his bizarre world of deviant killers, grotesque beasts, and decaying corpses was firmly established. His works include 'Panorama Of Hell', 'Hell Baby', and 'Gallery Of Horrors' amongst many others. He also wrote and directed the two most infamous entries in the 'Guinea Pig' video series, 'Flower Of Flesh And Blood' and 'Mermaid In A Manhole'."

Geinoh Yamashirogumi - Akira OST/"Symphonic Suite Akira" DVD-A 2002 (24/96 4.1-Mix FLAC)

"DVD-Audio (commonly abbreviated as 'DVD-A') is a physical format for delivering high-fidelity audio content on a Digital Video Disc. It is not intended for video playback. The standard was first published in March 1999 and the first discs entered the marketplace in 2000. DVD-Audio was in a format war with 'Super Audio CD' (SACD), but with consumers' tastes changing towards downloadable music, neither format achieved market traction and were described as 'extinct' by 2007."