Endless Comp CDs 1 & 2 '94-'95 (320)

"Manifold Records was an American music label that specialized in extreme ambient and other
difficult to define genres. A critical favorite during the mid 1990s, they often released records and
CDs in special packaging such as metal sheaths, water-filled plastic sleeves, and even saw blades.
The roster included Mick Harris, Justin Broadrick, Maurizio Bianchi, Aube, Voice Of Eye, and
many others whose recordings (at the time) were chronically described as 'isolationist'."

KLF & ENT - "The Black Room Story 1992" CDR (No Year / Later Boot, 320)

"'The Black Room' is an unfinished collaboration between KLF and Extreme Noise Terror. The original style was to be played as hardcore techno, then industrial metal, before settling on metallic thrash composed and produced by KLF but performed by Extreme Noise Terror. The album was scheduled for release by the end of 1991, then pushed back to March 1992. The two bands were still recording in February 1992 when KLF scrapped the sessions altogether. Asked if the recordings would ever be released, Jim of KLF said: 'There is a bootleg flying around, I haven't heard it (to verify). I thought I had the only copy (of the original sessions), but I guess there might be another one that was made.'"

Rapid DOG (Xol Dog 400s) - "Pong E.P." CD 1995

39 ultra short trax (remixed and intermixed by the same producer) of first-wave German hXc/terror...

Interviewer: "So, Rapid Dog is something like Intelligent Gabber?"

Soulman: "Huh? What?"

Dead VS Death To Humanity - Demos '86 & '88

Skeletal-white-cat-shit-fi duel to the DEATHRASH (that was the intent, but the actual tunes
were noisy-ish hardcore for D.T.H., and Dead may as well have been fraternal twins with Hellsaw)...

Controlled Bleeding - "Knees And Bones" LP 1985 & "Shanked And Slithering" CD 2005 (320)

"Controlled Bleeding was an experimental music project from Massapequa, New York. Founded by Paul Lemos, most of their recordings featured two main collaborators, Chris Moriarty and Joe Papa, who both died in the late 2000s. The band was originally formed in Boston around 1978, after returning alone to Massapequa, Lemos rebooted the project with old school friends Gary Pecorino (organ) and Tony Meola (drums), and released a 7" EP called 'Wall Of China Love Letter' in 1980. This early incarnation played progressive art rock. By 1983, Pecorino and Meola had left and were replaced by new collaborators Joe Papa, a 300-pound scat-singing eccentric, and Chris Moriarty, a neighbor of Paul's who played drums. The new trio's output soon strayed into areas of harsh industrial noise (sometimes mixed with guitar and vocal work). In February 1985, their first full length LP in this style, 'Knees And Bones', was released by Swedish label Psychout Productions. A 2005 compilation CD, 'Shanked And Slithering', contains previously released and unreleased material from that time (83-86) which was entirely remixed and remastered."

Kikeiji - EPs '83-'85 (320) & "Early Days Rough & Tough '83" 10xCD 2014 (FLAC)

"Formed in Tokyo in November 1982. Released the 1st flexi sheet, the first release of the hardcore punk label ADK Records launched by Tam, the former member of The Stalin. In 1983, released the EP "PLASTIC SCANDAL" and disbanded. In 1984, the flexi sheet "PRESSURE" was released even though the band was disbanded. In 1985, they reunited, played two shows, released the EP "Hello Good-bye" and disbanded. Bassist Tatsushi joined another early ADK band, MASTURBATION. Furthermore, after the dissolution of Masturbation, in 1986 he formed "TRANSFORMER" with guitarist Hiroshi, and in 1987 released "MANOEUVRE" from Balcony Records. In 1993, formed again. Participated in the former Ghoul's Masami memorial live. In January 1994, drummer HIROSHIMA launched OK Records, and with the start of the CD release of ADK's works, they performed their last live and officially disbanded. They released a live album "LIVE AT LAST" containing this live sound source, and an omnibus album "1982-1994" covering all released sound sources up to that point. In 2008, the members of YASU, HIROSHI, TATSUSHI, and HIROSHIMA reunited for the third time. In 2010, TATSUSHI and HIROSHIMA withdrew. Tsuji is in charge of bass, Toshiaki Sudo is in charge of drums, and Proletariat Honma is in charge of keyboards, which will be a new part. "Recite and bury yourself!" was released. In 2012, released the EP "Disgust". Tsuji, who is in charge of bass, has left the band, and Seiji Fukushima of THE FOOLS has joined. In 2014, he released his second album, "De-Human: The madness of fake things is just shit that makes the world uncomfortable". In addition, he released a collection of early live recordings "EarlyDays Rough & Tough" and a self-cover album "Reborn Or Hell?", which is a re-recording of his early works. The death of vocalist YASU on December 20, 2021 was announced on the official website and official Twitter on the 24th."